Graduate Students

上海快3单双计划Thank you for your interest in pursuing your graduate education at Southeastern. Here you can view admissions criteria, required materials and resources for more information. When you're ready, start your online application by choosing the appropriate link below.

Required Admissions Materials and Criteria for Graduate Applicants

Applicants should check individual degree programs for additional application materials and criteria that may be required.

Official Transcripts

All Applicants

上海快3单双计划Official transcripts are required from all previously attended institutions.  2.5 cumulative undergrad GPA or 2.75 on last 60 hrs of coursework

Pending Transcripts

上海快3单双计划If not received by deadline, you may be resigned and become ineligible for further registration. Transcript requests will be withheld.

上海快3单双计划Southeastern Alumni

上海快3单双计划It is your responsibility to determine the transcripts that Southeastern currently has & provide transcripts from other institutions attended.


Hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution


Acceptable score must be achieved

上海快3单双计划GRE scores are required for all applicants excluding MBA & music programs. MBA requires GMAT & MAT requires PRAXIS I & II scores.  

Proof of Immunization

download form here

上海快3单双计划Submit with application.


I am a new graduate student.  

上海快3单双计划I am returning to Southeastern to finish my graduate work.  

I have taken graduate courses at another university.  

I am interested in a Doctoral Program, the Executive MBA, or the Master of Arts in Teaching. 

You should contact the respective college/department in the program of study for admissions information.

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership
Executive MBA
Master of Arts in Teaching



Dates and Deadlines

Fall Term Application Deadlines & Fees

Apply by July 15

$20 Application Fee

上海快3单双计划Non-refundable fee

July 16 - Aug 1

$20 Application Fee

上海快3单双计划Non-refundable fee + $50 late fee

上海快3单双计划After Aug 1

No Applications Accepted

Spring Term Application Deadlines & Fees

Apply by Dec 1

$20 Application Fee

Non-refundable fee

Dec 2 - 15

$20 Application Fee

Non-refundable fee + $50 late fee

上海快3单双计划After Dec 15

No Applications Accepted


Summer Term Application Deadlines & Fees

上海快3单双计划Apply by May 1

上海快3单双计划$20 Application Fee

Non-refundable fee

上海快3单双计划May 2 - May 15

$20 Application Fee

Non-refundable fee + $50 late fee

After May 15

No Applications Accepted



Teaching Certificates

Teaching Certificates are required for some Education master's degree programs. Please refer to the graduate section of the catalog for this information.



An applicant is admitted to the Graduate School upon acceptance and admission into a specific graduate degree program. Meeting the requirements for admission does not guarantee admission, only eligibility. Individual departments have their own deadline dates and standards for admission. These standards incorporate both qualitative and quantitative criteria more specific than those established by the University. Only individual program graduate coordinators/directors or graduate faculty advisors may recommend the admission of applicants into specific graduate degree programs.


Deadline & Payment Information

上海快3单双计划Any graduate applicant who has previously been suspended from Southeastern must appeal for readmission. If you have not been enrolled for 12 months or more, you must also reapply for admissions and pay the application fee. If you earn an undergraduate or graduate degree, you must reapply for admission in order to pursue another degree.

All applicants for admission must submit the application and non-refundable application fee based on the dates & deadlines. Graduate School applicants should make note of the Graduate School Application deadlines as well to ensure timely review of the application by their individual program.

上海快3单双计划The completed application form, payment of required fees, official transcripts, and official results of standardized tests should be submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office on or before the date noted for the specific semester the student wishes to enroll. Applications must be accompanied by the payment of the non-refundable application fee. Individual departments or programs may have earlier deadline dates for consideration of applications. It is the applicant's responsibility to be aware of specific deadline dates.


Application fees can be submitted to the Controller's Office by mail at SLU 10720, Hammond, LA 70402 or by phone at (985) 549-2068.